Kothari Cables are manufactured to Indian standards that generally conforms to IS 694. They are high Conductivity Annealed and bunched Copper conductors which are made up of electrolytic bright copper twisted all together and insulated with Double Layer Protection. It is made from special grade PVC Compound which provides high resistance in insulation. Cables are sheathed with a special grade of PVC Compound which makes them impervious to water, grease, oil. This makes the cables more durable with increased life and uncompromising performance in the least the days regardless of any fluctuations. These cables are sequentially marked at one-meter intervals for convenience. To know more contact us or our dealers. Kothari has dealers all over India and is one of the fastest growing cable manufacturers in India.

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Cables and Wires

New-age Automation needs are changing and to remain ahead you would like to possess nothing but the simplest in Cable Technology. Whether it is for connectivity or transmission, Kothari has emerged as a prestigious Manufacturer for availing an array of Cables befitting demanding industrial requirements. If you are looking for flat submersible cables, Kothari is the best option for you. We offer the simplest quality submersible cables which comprise of all types of flat submersible cables. Our submersible cables are made from the simplest quality raw materials which are procured from the simplest sources. We also manufacture these submersible cables under the simplest quality conditions possible. Our range is out there at a quite affordable price. We are one among the known manufacturers of submersible power cables. Our relentless pursuit of delivering the best quality is driven by a professional team of experts, which has placed us amidst the prominent Cables Manufacturers in India.

Cables and Wires

Kothari Group, keeping our commitment to customers in top priority has also ventured into the assembly of these high-utility cables. Designed to power appliances/instruments like computers, communications, instrumentation, sound control, domestic industrial computers, security systems, audio and data transmission, these cables are available a various range and variety. they're competent enough to guard signal fidelity by reducing hum, noise, and crosstalk. Proved to be highly efficient in power and control applications, Kothari Multicore Round Cables have every reason to stay up in consumer preferences across India. During a market scenario where people search for good quality multipurpose products, cables don't stand apart. This is often the rationale why Multicore Round Cables are much in demand today.

Cables and Wires

    Features and Benefits:
  • ISI Marked Single Core to 6 Core Copper & Aluminum Cables
    Flat Submersible Cables:
  • Excellent durability
  • Fine finish
  • Excellent strength
    Copper And Aluminum Cables:
  • Shock resistance
  • Easy to fit
  • High durability
    3 Core Copper Flat Cables:
  • Use: Agriculture sector
  • Available in various length
  • Single Core to 6 Core Copper & Aluminum Cables :
  • Copper cables are used for submersible pumps & Aluminum Cables are used as a service wire for service connection.
Technical Specifications:
3 Core
Copper Flat Cables
Aluminum Round Cables
Solid Aluminum
2 Core Flat Cables
Solid Aluminum
Single Core Cables
1.5 Sq.mm – 10.0 Sq.mm
2.5 Sq.mm-16.0 Sq.mm
(3 Core & 4 Core)
2.5 Sq.mm-16.0 Sq.mm
2.5 Sq.mm – 16.0 Sq.mm
2.5 Sq.mm
4.0 Sq.mm
10 Sq.mm x 3 Core
6.0 Sq.mm x 4 Core
10 Sq.mm x 2 Core
10 Sq.mm x Single Core
Amp Resistance
7.41 ohm/Km
4.95 ohm/Km
3.08 ohm/Km
4.61 ohm/Km
3.08 ohm/Km
3.08 ohm/Km